Some thoughts about Teen Wolf about The Benefactor and Eichen House…

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Why is everyone talking about Gerard like seriously guys come on…he wasn’t in season 1…lets think of more rational people like JACKSON, or Danny, or Jennifer (Peter’s nurse), or even Allison or her Mom.. If Dylan can guess this in the first 4 episodes then I’m sure if we all actually thought logically about it we’d be able to figure it out

I think Jackson might be the Benefactor


Jeff Davis said the Benefactor is someone that takes us back to season one. Also, during Wolf Watch after 4x04 when they showed Posey’s Poll and asked the Teen Wolf veterans what advice they had for new cast members, Colton Haynes was on set and was the first one to give his advice. Why else would…

Dylan O'Brien guessed who the Benefactor was after the fourth episode of this season.



Everyone watch the fourth episode and try to guess again! 

Rewatched it. Linked some stuff in this episode with events in later episodes and came up with two suspects:

#2 Nogitsune!Stiles

  • He sounded like he was asking a question rather than giving an answer to what he is post-nogitsune
  • Remnants of nogitsune being in him is backed up by the 4x9 promo in which Lydia adds Sties to a fourth list*. His name is written in pen while all the others are printed which suggests his status as a supernatural is far less established but still notable. 
  • Lydia tends to draw/write things that end up trying to kill the pack, e.g the nemeton, the deadpool code, why should Stiles be any different?

*Those names don’t have numbers because its not a deadpool, all 117M are accounted for by the previous 3 lists. Hence answering the question, “but why would Stiles put himself on the deadpool?”

#1 Argent

  • Allison died as a result of the supernatural  
  • He has the ability to “compartmentalise” his feelings, meaning he could separate his ties to the others from his Benefactor persona
  • Kate is on the list but in 4x8 Argent stated he would shoot Kate if he “had to” or something along those lines
  • He conveiniently shows up just as Lydia discovers the deadpools
  • He knew Scott hadn’t been using his “own words” when talking to Liam, yet he wasn’t around when those things had been said. The Benefactor would likely low-key keep tabs on the supernatural
  • Remember when the Calaveras forced him to say “we hunt those who hunt us” in a later episode? Maybe they’re reminding him that its his job as the Benefactor to ensure the supernaturals die, not help them. 

Benefactor guess #1


The Benefactor is Danny Mahealani


Alright, hear me out, but what if Peter’s accomplice Jennifer from season 1 is the Benefactor? I know Peter killed her, but what if it was faked to lead up to this season, or she’s doing her own thing and let Peter think that he killed her. Maybe she’s a banshee, that’s why she stayed by Peter’s side when he was all burned, also that might be why Peter’s name isn’t on the list. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE THAT COULD BE THE BENEFACTOR and it’s Teen Wolf, nobody’s dead forever ;)

Bae ? Por que ?



Deputy I kinda just committed a crime….could you….could you handcuff me ?

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